EDT-oriented and EDT-related on-line podcasts, radio broadcasts, and psychotherapy skill building exercises. 

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Shrink Rap Radio - Podcasts 

• #365 – Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques with Jon Frederickson LCSW - Click here.

• #459 – Reaching Through The Resistance in Psychotherapy with Allan Abbass MD - Click here.

• #535 – Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy with Patricia Coughlin PhD - Click here.

• #537 – Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists with Tony Rousmaniere PsyD - Click here.

• #539 – The Lies We Tell Ourselves with Jon Frederickson LCSW - Click here.

ISTDP Institute - Skill-building Series of Audio Courses

A series of skill-building audio courses on the following topics: Overcoming Resistance, Introductory Skills for working with Fragile Patients, & Comprehensive Skill-Building for working with Fragile Patients.  To purchase click here.

ISTDP Institute - Webinar Series

A series of webinars with various instructors on the following topics: Pathological Mourning (with Dr. Patricia Coughlin), Optimizing Self-Supervision (with Jon Frederickson, MSW), Treatment of the Fragile Spectrum (with Dr. Allan Abbass), Transference Resistance (with Jon Frederickson, MSW), and Regulating Anxiety (with Jon Frederickson, MSW). To listen or purchase click here.

Sounds True: Many Voices, One Journey - Podcasts

• Diana Fosha: The Transformational Therapist - Click here.