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ISTDP Institute - Online Videos & DVDs

The Institute for ISTDP Training and Research is a community of people who feel a calling to alleviate human suffering to build healthier communities.  We try to do this by helping people achieve their full potential through psychotherapy, psychotherapy training, and supervision.  We value personal integrity, commitment to excellence, and compassion for self and others.  Although the model of therapy we practice is intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy, we are not here to “fossilize” it, but rather to co-create the integrative therapy of the future.   We believe that the final answers of psychotherapy have not been found.  That’s why this community is “a place that keeps the questions open.”

If you are interested in being part of such a community, please join our webinars, trainings, conferences, blogs, and live community exchanges.  We are here to help you help others.

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Affect Phobia Therapy - Online Videos

Affect Phobia Therapy is based on the premise that internal conflicts about feelings underlie most psychologically-based disorders. Affect Phobia Therapy is an integrative model of short term dynamic psychotherapy (STDP) that was developed by Harvard Medical School psychologist and researcher, Leigh McCullough (McCullough-Valiant, 1997).

Under Kristin Osborn’s leadership, the popularity of Affect Phobia Therapy has increased due to the collective contributions of our international community. Today, Affect Phobia Therapy offers ongoing training programs in North America and Europe and numerous publications continue to be released including research derived from Leigh McCullough’s extensive data base of 35 years of video-taped psychotherapy recordings. 

On this site, you can find a Certified APT-Therapist, a Certified APT-Trainer or Certified APT-Supervisor, as well as some helpful publications and forms that are used in Affect Phobia Therapy. If you are interested in becoming a Certified-APT Therapist, want to follow an APT-Core Training or workshop, or seek supervision, please contact us.

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Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy - Online Videos & DVDs

Developed by Dr. Diana Fosha, the author of the The Transforming Power of AffectAEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) is an ever-emergent model, ever-growing through the ongoing contributions of the AEDP faculty and the members of the AEDP community.

Crisis and suffering provide opportunities to awaken extraordinary capacities that otherwise might lie dormant, unknown and untapped. AEDP is about experientially making the most of these opportunities for both healing and transformation. Key to its therapeutic action is the undoing of aloneness and thus, the establishment of the therapeutic relationship experienced as both safe haven, and secure base. Once that’s established, we work with emotional experience, working experientially toward healing trauma and suffering, and toward expanding emergent positive transformational experiences.

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Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy - Online Videos

You are warmly welcomed to join the DEFT community of therapists, sharing the common goals of achieving excellence in our profession and practicing caring for ourselves so we will become even more effective agents of change.

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TEDx & TED Talks - Online Videos

• Dr. Alan Watkins: Being Brilliant Every Single Day - Video Part 1 & Part 2

Alan is the founder and CEO of Complete Coherence Ltd. He is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has researched and published widely on both subjects for over 18 years. He is currently an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Psychological Medicine at Imperial College, London as well as an Affiliate Professor of Leadership at the European School of Management, London. He originally qualified as a physician, has a first class degree in psychology and a PhD in immunology.

• Dr. Ole André Solbakken: Tell How You Feel And I Will Tell You Who You Are - Video

Associate professor Ole André Solbakken is Head of the Clinical Psychology Section at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. He has done extensive research into the concept of affect integration, i.e. the capacity to adaptively experience and express emotions.

Shrink Rap Radio Interviews - Online Videos

• Shrink Rap Radio Interview with Hilary Jacob Hendel, M.S.W. on It's Not Always Depression - Click here.

• Shrink Rap Radio Interview with Patricia Coughlin, Ph.D. on Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy - Click here.

• Shrink Rap Radio Interview with Jon Frederickson, M.S.W. on Lies We Tell Ourselves - Click here.

• Shrink Rap Radio Interview with Tony Rousmaniere, Psy.D. on Deliberate Psychotherapy Practice - Click here.

• Shrink Rap Radio Interview with Eileen Russell, Ph.D. on Restoring Resilience - Click here.

• Shrink Rap Radio Preview with Allan Abbass, M.D. on Reaching Through The Resistance - Click here.

EDT Related Lectures / Interviews

Allan Abbass, MD:

1.  Austen Riggs Center - "Bias Against Psychodynamic Therapy" - Video

2. Austen Riggs Center - "On Treatment Resistance" - Video

3. Austen Riggs Center - "Reaching through Resistance" - Video

Allan Abbass, M.D. is professorpsychiatrist, and founding Director of the Centre for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Dr. Abbass's clinical specialty and research focus is the use of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), his work having focused on the use of emotion-focused psychotherapy to heal medically unexplained physical symptoms. Dr. Abbass has published many clinical trials and meta-analyses on the effectiveness of ISTDP, developed several psychotherapy training programs, and teaches world-wide.

Johannes Kieding LMSW: ISTDP Theory & Practice Introductory Level Presentation - Video

Tewfik Said, MD: ISTDP Lecture @ McGill University - Video

Tewfik Said, M.D. has undergone extensive training under the direct supervision of Dr. Habib Davanloo in his system of intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy. He is Director of the Center for Teaching and Research of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy at the MUHC. Dr. Said coordinates CME activities for the Department of Psychiatry at McGill as well as that of the McGill University Health Centre. 

Diana Fosha, PhD: Psychotherapy Expert Talks... "Trusting Vitality" - Video

Diana Fosha, Ph.D., is the developer of AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy), a healing-based, transformation-oriented model of psychotherapeutic treatment; she is Founder and Director of the AEDP Institute. Based in New York City, she has been on the faculties of the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology of NYU and St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Medical Centers (now Mount Sinai) in NYC, and of the doctoral programs in clinical psychology at the Derner Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies and The City University of New York.

Patricia Coughlin, PhD:

1. Psychotherapy Expert Talks..."On Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy" - Video

2. UNM Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Video

3,  Interview with Poppy Sprague (Academy for Self-Mastery) - "Emotional Openness" - Video

Patricia Coughlin (Della Selva), Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience – the last 15 of which have been focused on the practice, research and training in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. She studied with the founder of ISTPD, Dr. Habib Davanloo, in the early 90s and has written three books on the subject, as well as numerous journal articles. Her private practice is located in Albany, New York and she teaches and trains mental health professionals around the world.

Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD: 

1. Psychotherapy Expert Talks... "Deliberate Practice/Developing Psychotherapy Expertise" - Video

2. Deliberate Practice Webinar for Psychotherapists - Video

3. Deliberate Practice Interview with Scott Miller (International Center for Clinical Excellence ICCE) - Video

4. Deliberate Practice Interview with Vidar Husby - Video

Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD, is a psychologist in private practice in Seattle and Clinical Faculty at the University of Washington. He is the editor of the edited volume The Cycle of Expertise: Using Deliberate Practice in Supervision, Training, and Independent Practice (with co-editors Rod Goodyear, Scott Miller, and Bruce Wampold; Wiley Press), author of the book Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists: A Guide to Improving Clinical Effectiveness (Taylor & Francis), and co-editor of Using Technology for Clinical Supervision: A Practical Handbook (ACA Press). Dr. Rousmaniere provides clinical training and supervision to therapists around the world, with an emphasis on using deliberate practice to improve the effectiveness of clinical skill development.

Kristin Osborn, MA: Psychotherapy Expert Talks... "APT & Paraverbal Communication in Psychotherapy" - Video

Kristin A. R. Osborn is an EDT-STDP clinician who specializes in Leigh McCullough’s Affect Phobia Therapy. In addition to seeing patients in her private practice in Cambridge, MA, Kristin Osborn conducts training and supervision groups for mental health professionals in the North America and Europe. She has a faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is the Co-Director of the Harvard Medical School Psychotherapy Research Program. She co-authored several publications in APT and the book Paraverbal Communications in Psychotherapy.

• Jon Frederickson, MSW:

1. Psychotherapy Expert Talks..."Deliberate Practice and the Path Towards Psychotherapy Expertise" - Video  

2. Psychodynamic Student Association, Uppsala, Sweden (Psykodynamiskt Nätverk)... "Beginner's Mind" - Video 

Jon Frederickson, MSW is co-chair of the ISTDP Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry where he has been on the faculty since 1988.  He was previously chair of the Supervision Training Program and the Advanced Psychotherapy Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry as well as chair of their Faculty Clinical Council. He is also chair of the Norwegian ISTDP Training Program, Co-chair of the Italian Core Training Program sponsored by the Italian EDT Society, and faculty of the ISTDP Training Program at the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in Warsaw, Poland.  He has published over twenty five articles and book chapters as well as three books.